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The Grafytherm® family of G+® membranes leverages the incredible properties of Graphene Plus to provide textile fabrics with thermal conductivity features.

Using our technology, we are able to create a thermal circuit/regulation, with a heat dissipation effect on spring-summer gear/clothes, and a thermal comfort effect on autumn-winter gear/clothes. The result is an ideal temperature comfort level for every user, in any situation.

The Grafyshield® family of G+® membranes leverages the incredible properties of Graphene Plus to provide textile products with electrical conductivity features – without the use of metals that can require more complicated maintenance and cause discomfort for the wearer.

With Grafyshield®, garments are easily washable (and therefore reusable), comfortable and lightweight.

The family of Grafyshield® products provide alternative levels of electrical conductivity to enable the required quality for the specific application: from an antistatic effect, to a heating effect, to data transmission.

The Directa Textile Solutions range includes membranes made of traditional material such as polyurethane (PU) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – available in white and transparent format as well as in innovative and unique colours – and two families of high-performance technical membranes containing Graphene Plus (G+®): Grafyshield® and Grafytherm®. Each family features monolayer, bilayer and carbon-look options, and offers different properties according to application requirements.

Why Graphene Plus?

G+® is a material comprised of Pristine Graphene Nanoplatelets, obtained through a patented technology process developed by Directa Plus based on the physical transformation of natural graphite. This provides an extremely pure additive.

It is completely chemical-free and is independently certified as safe for human health: the health safety of people and environmental protection are top priorities. Find out more about the non-toxic and non-cytotoxic qualities of G+® here.

The presence of Graphene Plus endows Grafyshield® and Grafytherm® with unique characteristics and performance capabilities that can be selected according to application requirements:

  • Heat dissipation for spring-summer gear/clothes: G+® is able to dissipate the heat produced by the human body, facilitating the body’s thermal regulation.
  • Heat homogenisation for autumn-winter gear/clothes: G+® spreads the heat produced by the human body in a uniform manner, thus reducing hot-spot effects and obtaining a thermal regulation effect.
  • Bacteriostatic effect: thanks to G+®, bacteria do not proliferate on the fabric.
  • Antistatic effect: G+® fabric is able to rapidly dissipate the antistatic charges, enhancing the comfort level.
  • Data transmission: the high level of electrical conductivity allows the transmission of data collected from the human body.

Grafyshield® and Grafytherm® membranes are not only highly efficient and safe, they are also extremely flexible as they can be laminated by Directa Textile Solutions to any substrate – from wool to polyester and polyamide – and to any fibre.

With a wide range of membranes, we can provide the required features for many different applications and enable numerous possibilities.

SPORTSWEAR: For outdoor activities and sport at any intensity – whether skiing, riding a motorbike, hiking or running – G+® membranes ensure that jackets, trousers, suits or gloves provide dryness and a unique thermal comfort.

CITYWEAR: G+® membranes ensure that jackets, coats and down jackets for daily use offer breathability, and maximum body temperature regulation and comfort, regardless of personal thermal behaviour or different weather conditions, especially when temperature fluctuations are frequent.

WORKWEAR: G+® membranes enhance workwear, such as footwear, uniforms and gloves, for activities where the dissipation of antistatic charges and heat management are demanded, as well as ensuring waterproofness, breathability and the ability to wash quickly.

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES: When employed as a sensor component or electrodes to collect data to use in medical and sports performance applications, Grafyshield® offers the required level of electrical conductivity to transmit and collect data from the body and the environment, replacing metallic wires that can require greater maintenance and cause discomfort.

DESIGN AND HOME TEXTILE: The thermal and electrical conductivity of G+® membranes can enhance textiles such as sofa linings, mattress covers, wallpaper and tents, especially for antistatic and heating effects. Grafyshield® and Grafytherm® are ideal for providing other important properties such as impermeability and the ability to wash quickly.